Arrangement & Production:

We handle arrangements, from charts to writing score for an orchestra.  From a production point of view, we aim to get the best out of the best musicians in the country, or you could produce yourself (should you be that way inclined).

Live and Studio Recordings:

We have gained vast experience in all aspects of  live and studio recordings over the years.  We can cater for live recordings at Atterbury Theatre as well as at off site locations.


We have the option of mixing “in the box” as well as of running up to 24 stems to the Equinox for “out the box” summing down to stereo.  Our vast variety of plugins give us ample opportunity to destroy your perfectly good recording.


Studio A is equipped with both analogue and digital compressors to bring out the best  in your recordings and mixes.  We can even master your album “louder than album x” (should you be that way inclined).

Ad Production:

We have produced and recorded radio ads for a variety of clients.  From conceptualization, to the script writing and recording processes, to the music choice (library or original) - you should sell a lot more... umm stuff...

Audio Books:

We have produced and recorded numerous published books, creating CD audio books as well as audio for web-based audio-e-books.  We have a vast library of sound effects that can turn a page from most books into an audio sensory overload!