Studio Facilities

Studio A is Pro Tools HD2 equipped, running Pro Tools 9 software (and Cubase 5, should you be that way inclined).  The control room has been designed with mixing and mastering in mind and features a variety of boutique and custom pre amps, equalizers, compressors and speakers.

Our Live Room can comfortably accommodate a drum kit, and the 16 mic lines to Studio A mean that if we can fit it into the room and surround it with mics, we can record it.  There are up to 4 separate headphone mixes available in the live room (should you be that way inclined).

Studio B has been designed for editing, and voice over work.  The control room also runs Pro Tools Native 10 software via a Digi003 Interface.  The booth can comfortably fit up to one voice over artist.  There are tie lines between Studio A & B for any additional tracking requirements.

The Studio Has a direct recording link to the Atterbury Theatre via Ethersound.  This enables us to be able to record up to 48 simultaneous channels from the theatre. This is an ideal scenario for live CD and DVD recordings as well as for classical piano or choir recordings.